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Located in Vanderbijlpark, EMC prides itself on being a family practice which aims to provide the best medical care possible. We also strive to give each patient the time and personal attention they deserve!

The Excellence Medical Care Clinic prides itself on being a family practice which strives to provide the best medical care possible, while providing the personal touch every patient deserves!

Why Choose EMC?

The Excellence Medical Care Team is passionate about providing compassionate and comprehensive medical care to all our valued patients throughout Vanderbijlpark and surrounds.

EMC Health Care

• Antenatal Care

• Ampath Laboratory

• Diabetic Clinic

• Dietetics

• IV Therapy

• Pharmacy

• Podiatry

• Wound Care

Good Doctors replace the fear of illness with trust in recovery!

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The importance of having a Family Practitioner

A doctor–patient relationship is formed when a doctor attends to a patient’s medical needs. This relationship is built on trust, respect, communication, and a common understanding of both the doctor and patients’ viewpoints.

Healthcare for All Ages

Family medicine is traditionally focused on treating patients of all ages. This includes prenatal care during pregnancy, baby wellness checks, childhood illnesses, men’s and women’s health, right through to caring for ailments of the elderly.

Personalised Health Care means...

being recognised as a unique individual with a unique health history and circumstances, receiving relevant healthcare to achieve better health outcomes.

A Lifetime of Trust & Records

Confidentiality and good record keeping is central to trust between practitioners and patients.